calligraphy, the art

Calligraphy, an art closely related with elegance. The harmonic coexistence of strokes performed sometimes with strength, sometimes with lightness. At times with gentleness, at times with groundedness but always according to the meaning they convey, expressing a total harmony.

It is practiced using different brushes on a certain kind of rice paper that can actually absorb a quite big quantity of ink, writing ideograms complying, in the beginning at least, to certain rules and ways of writing. Like every other form of art it relies at first in the repetition of reproducing a certain form or ideogram until executed impeccably almost every it is written. Like all internal practices it relies on repetition until it transforms to liberation.

Calligraphy offers concentration, focusing ability, tranquility, sharpening of perception, patience, perseverance, and cultivation of a spirit that does not anticipate neither does it fall in to despair, always progressing steadily until a moment of expression of its whole dynamic into a brush stroke that will mirror back the fulfillment of its performer it in that particular space and time.

We in Samadhi Space believe that this practice, hand in hand with Tai Chi, will enable their practitioner to experience the totality of life as calligraphy. καλλιγραφία.